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"I am driven by the principles of love, humility, and innovation.  My journey, from military service in Iraq to fostering children and community involvement, reflects my dedication to service and my readiness to represent you with a unique blend of experiences and values."

Core Values


I want safety, hope, and opportunity for the residents of District 10.


I have the humility to listen to all constituents, regardless of their affiliations.


The Libertarian Party represents the disruptive technology of politics, challenging the status quo.




ALABAMA CERTIFICATE OF NEED:  The certificate of need board creates monopolies that prevent competition, increase prices, and reduce quality of care.  I will vote to eliminate this board.  This will increase private investment in new hospitals and allow poorly performing hospitals to be replaced.  More healthcare availability in a competitive market will bring new jobs to Alabama. 

PREVENT SHUTDOWN OF BUSINESS:  The State Health Officer single-handedly destroyed more small businesses in Alabama than any other person during the COVID lock-downs. I support eliminating the position of State Health Officer.  Individuals should manage their own health and risks.

OCCUPATIONAL LICENSING:   Occupational licensing hurts consumers, reduces service, and for many low paying jobs it creates a hurdle of no benefit that increases the cost of doing business.  I will vote to repeal harmful occupational licensing statutes.  We should allow professional organizations, the experts, the ability to govern themselves.   Repealing these regulations will dramatically increase the number of jobs open to all Alabamians. 

ECONOMIC INCENTIVES:  I do not support taxpayers shouldering the burden to attract corporations to move to Alabama.  This is the state picking winners and losers and oftentimes they pick the loser.  Crony capitalism has caused inorganic growth and congestion in North Alabama.  Lowering the tax burden and the regulatory environment will help current Alabama businesses and encourage natural development.


ABC BOARD:  Vote in favor of legislation to fully eliminate the ABC Board.  This will cause a boom in the small businesses and reduce wasteful government spending by getting Alabama out of the alcohol business.



VOTER POWER:  Vote to empower you in elections by sponsoring legislation increasing the number of state legislative districts and adjusting that to population growth with each census.


HOME RULE:  Vote in favor of allowing more autonomy for cities and counties to govern themselves by supporting the creation of home rule municipalities similar to those in Georgia & Tennessee.


DEFEND THE GUARD: State National Guard forces will not be deployed overseas without a Constitutionally required Declaration of War from Congress.  I will sponsor legislation to Defend the Guard.


SECOND AMENDMENT:  Vote to support the Second Amendment Preservation Act modeled after the one successfully implemented in Missouri so that Alabama will become a Second Amendment sanctuary state.


OPIOID CRISIS:  Law enforcement has been used to battle a drug health crisis for almost a hundred years.  The war on drugs created the fentanyl crisis.  Prohibition has driven drugs to the black market which has increased the risk of death.


SPECIAL SESSION:  Only the Governor may call a special session of the Alabama Legislature.  I will vote in favor of legislation that would allow the Alabama legislature to call itself into session as 36 other state legislatures in the United States do.


EMERGENCY POWERS:  Vote to allow the legislature to approve or reject long-term states of emergency, which can currently be declared by the governor for 60 days and renewed indefinitely.


MEDICAL MARIJUANA:  Vote in favor of legislation that at a minimum automatically repeals the state’s regulatory regime concerning medical marijuana if the Federal Drug Administration approves marijuana for medicinal use.



TAXES Vote against any effort to increase taxes on the citizens and businesses of Alabama by only voting in favor of tax reductions

GOVERNMENT SPENDING:  Vote in favor of general and education budgets that reduce spending below levels to reverse the unprecedented government growth, as increased spending results in expanded government and reduced liberty.

BALANCE THE STATE’S OPERATING BUDGETS:  Vote in favor of budgets that use government surpluses, which have averaged (before transfers) over $1 billion every year since 2018, to pay off existing debt and take less taxes from Alabamians instead of expanding government.

REDUCE TAXES BY $3 BILLION OVER THE NEXT THREE YEARS:  Vote in favor of bills that aim to reduce taxes by $3 billion over the next three years in light of the average $1 billion per year excess revenue.

BUDGET ACCOUNTABILITY:  The legislature has given their appropriations rights away and automatically increases state spending on programs without a vote.  I will vote in favor of legislation to bring accountability to Alabama’s budgets by removing earmarks for all state revenues.


GAS TAX:  Vote to repeal the Rebuild Alabama Act’s gas tax of $.10 per gallon and repeal the possibility for an automatic biennial gas tax increase as passed in the 2019 Special Session.


GROCERY SALES TAX:  This is a regressive tax on the poor.  I will vote to repeal the state’s sales tax on groceries without increasing other revenues.


CORPORATE & INDIVIDUAL INCOME TAX:  Vote to eliminate the corporate & individual income tax to create jobs and reduce compliance burden on the poor, bringing Alabama in line with Florida and Tennessee and making our economy more competitive.


REDUCE SMALL BUSINESS TAX BURDENS:  Vote in favor of legislation that reduces the tax compliance burden of Alabama’s small businesses, such as fully repealing the state business privilege tax and the business personal property tax.



SCHOOL CHOICE:  Vote in favor of any bill that increases the availability of school choice in the state, including but not limited to education savings accounts, voucher programs, charter schools, magnet schools, and tax-credit scholarships.

SCHOOL TRANSPARENCY:  Vote in favor of legislation that expands transparency in the public school system, allowing parents easy access to class curriculum and teacher training content..


MEDICAL RIGHTS:  Vote to include "reasons of conscience" as an option for parents to decide not to vaccinate their children as a precondition to attend public school.


LOCAL CONTROL:  Vote in favor of legislation that eliminates Federal Department of Education control over local school systems.

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