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Here is an opportunity to do something that will


Impact The Community!


Help Elijah make a difference


There are many ways to volunteer,

from walking door to door to hosting fundraising events.

Here are ways you can help:


Are you eager to meet Elijah Boyd in person and get to know the man behind the principles he stands for? Here's your chance! We're excited to invite you to host a house party event where you can engage in meaningful conversations, share your ideas, and connect with Elijah on a personal level.


Hosting a house party is a fantastic way to help build our community and support Elijah's campaign for the Alabama State House. Whether you're a long-time supporter or just curious to learn more, this is an excellent opportunity to come together, ask questions, and be part of the positive change Elijah Boyd is bringing to our district. Let's make a difference together – host a house party and let's get to know each other better!


Your active involvement is vital in ensuring that Elijah Boyd's campaign for the Alabama State House is a resounding success. We're calling on you to join us in making a real impact by volunteering for phone banking or door knocking. By dedicating your time and effort to these crucial activities, you'll help us reach more voters, spread our message of liberty and innovation, and build a stronger, more engaged community.


Every conversation you have, every door you knock on, brings us one step closer to a brighter future for our district. Be a part of the change – volunteer today and help Elijah Boyd lead us toward a more prosperous Alabama. Together, we can make a difference!


Dear Supporters,

Your contributions are crucial to our campaign's success. To amplify our message of liberty, innovation, and community, we need your financial support. Whether big or small, your donation makes a meaningful impact. Join us in shaping a brighter future for our district by donating today. Thank you for your support!

Join the Elijah Boyd Campaign

Elijah Boyd

104 Carnette Dr

Madison, AL


Tel: (573) 218-4869

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